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We focus on delivering innovative, cost-effective and full-cycle mobile applications to businesses globally
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At Applax, we understand that the end-user has become more tech-savvy, and expects mobile applications that not only make a strong statement based on their versatile features, but also offer a fuss-free way to use them.

While we harvest the best of technology to create solutions that are unique and powerful, we also leverage a grounded approach to understand and address the unchangeable demands of the customer and offer applications for iPhones/iPads, Android phones, Windows, or HTML5 mobile.
iPhoneDevelopment Services
Applax delivers qualitatively affluent iPhone / iPad mobile applications to make your mobile brand voice heard planetwide.
AndroidDevelopment Services
Applax renders Android based mobile applications that are hotly pursued by your customers, and by your competitors.
WindowsDevelopment Services
Delivering greater focus on security and resourcefulness of solutions, we offer multi-faceted Windows applications .
HTML5 AppDevelopment Services
Extending fully-featured and secure HTML5 app development solutions, Applax elevates your brand to greater heights.

Benefits of Hiring Mobile Application Developers

  • 1You can pick developers of your choice from our pool 150+ domain-wide experts.
  • 2Leverage pre-installed IT infrastructure with top-notch facilities and personnel available on demand.
  • 3You are handed over a free rein over the project flow, and you can map out the schedule and deliverables to be followed.
  • 4Transparency of the processes is ensured for giving you a lucid and real-time view of the project operations.
  • 5You are also handed a complete rein over the team deployed to you, thus letting you decide its structure and reporting procedures.
  • 6Practicing transparent engagement processes, we also have the requisite intellectual property protection procedures (NDA) in place.
  • 7Augmenting your value chain efficacy by the means of solutions characterized by authenticity and applicability.
More than 5,000 projects delivered in 5 years
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