Steer Clear of The Obsolete Hiring Approach When Looking for Android Developers

So, Android is making giant strides in the mobile application development realm, and in order to cash in on it, more and more companies are resorting to developing avant-garde android apps. With the audience for android apps growing at a brisk rate and with their expectations mounting by the day, the applications that are doled out in the market need to be nothing less than mind boggling. And this is where application development companies falter. And this is where the question, “Do we have the right set of Android developers working for us” begins to haunt them.

Now, focus is always on getting on board the cream developers who would help Android application development companies race past their competition in a manner most dominating. However, the focus is delivered in not the most appropriate manner as the hiring managers often err in examining the job applicants and their potential and end up hiring personnel that falls short of the qualitative standards expected of them. In your quest to hire android developers of unfailing quality, there are roadblocks.

Wherein Lies the Challenge

The android realm is swarmed by professionals who are looking to make a career as highly sought-after android developers in the industry. Now, there is also a large number of developers with truly gifted development skills and also relevant experience to back it, but they often find themselves struggling to find a place under the sun because the job portals are over populated with developers of all kinds – novices, average skilled, and the most potent ones. Now, for companies to filter out the best ones, it requires remarkably deep insight and focus.

But, Why Just the Job Portals

Are the job portals of newspapers and the career websites the only place where you can advertise the vacancies for android developers? Well, if you aren’t used to exploring your options, you’d probably say yes. However, there has been a transformation in the way developers are being looked for by the hiring managers and this transformation has a lot to do with the online forums and communities which are only growing in numbers and size with time.

Now, the time-tested way of hiring people does have its share of benefits, but in a field where average skills can’t get you far enough and where complex coding is the order of the day, you need only the best minds. And nitpicking those from the flurry of options on job portals is one task fraught with errors.

On Forums, You find Exactly What You are Looking for

There are developers’ communities for just about every platform. And when some platform is as popular as Android, the communities only become bigger and better. A mere Google search will toss at you an ensemble of developer communities to choose from. These communities are filled with developers with a varied set of experience and skills.

If you dig a little deeper into the Q&A section, you can find a host of questions being asked by the developers which are then answered by even more experienced coders who use their experience to elucidate each and every point they make in the answer. You can find their elaborative portfolios and CVs wherein there is all the information you need about their skills and the past projects they have worked upon. This insight will help you determine if they are fit enough to be working on your project.

Hiring quality android developers can click your project in top gear in a manner most reliable and efficient. Look at all the right places and more than half the job is already accomplished.

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