Android – Has it really matured from 4.4 to L?

Having knocked the doors of smartphone world way back in the year 2008, Android has matured and is still growing. Having attained the reputation of a widely-distributed mobile platform, Android has surpassed a large number of capabilities that were simply restricted to Apple products.

What’s exciting though, is that the mobile platform hasn’t stopped surprising consumers via its innovative and intuitive features and functions. Whether it’s about designing a gaming app or an app that can help in business growth, the diversity of Android has enchanted one and all.

Android 4.4 KitKat VS Android L Lollipop- Evolution in terms of UI(User Interface)

A majority of companies offering professional Android application development services have been thoroughly satiated with the brand new UI design language that’s been introduced into Android 5.0 L(Lollipop). With completely re-worked design guidelines, this new Android version offers more space for development of intuitive user interfaces. Simply put, unlike the mishmash app designing methodology used in Android 4.4, the latest Android version L is equipped with a brand new design philosophy, called Material Design. Designers are now offered the flexibility of adding 3D effects which play a vital role in elevating the performance of user interfaces.

Android 4.4 KitKat VS Android L Lollipop- Evolution in terms of User Security

As per Google, around 15% Android users prefer using a PIN or pattern for unlocking their device as it allows them to cut down the time that’s needed to start using the device. With the average count of Android users increasing at a rapid pace, Android community has been paying special attention to ensuring complete security of user’s data that’s stored in their Android gadget. While Android 4.4 KitKat was equipped with multiple ways of protecting the device, for example: PINs, pattern unlocks, passwords etc, the recently released Android L(Lollipop) version comes with a ‘personal unlocking’ feature which allows the device to automatically detect whether it is in its owner’s hand or anyone else. For example, the fingerprint scanner technology available in Samsung Galaxy S5 is a real blessing for Android users who’re concerned about their device’s security.

Android 4.4 VS Android 5.0 Lollipop- Evolution in terms of battery life

As compared to the restricted convenience of Android KitKat’S Project Svelte, the new Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with project Volta has showcased an impressive performance. While Project Svelte aimed at designing apps that would run on less powerful devices, project Volta enables developers to measure the battery drain for individual applications. The built-in Battery Historian tool serves handy for users who’re inclined on measuring the battery drain pertaining to the activities that are actually taking place on the device.

Android’s evolution is truly worth an appreciation

With each new Android OS version bringing something or the other for consumers, it won’t be wrong to predict that the Android Era would continue to prevail for many more years to come. Unlike its counterparts such as iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and many others, Android will continue to hold an impressive marketshare, with more and more switching to it in the forthcoming years.

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